29 July 2014

3 tips that can help you sale your house faster

Every seller wants their home to sell as quickly as possible. It’s not luck that makes it happen. It’s careful planning. Find out 3 tips on how you can prepare your house and turn it into an irresistible and marketable home. It’s simple and only takes a few days.


1. De-personalize

Pack the personal photographs, you don’t want the buyers to be distracted. You want them to imagine their own photos on the walls. You want buyers to say,”I can see myself living here.”


2. Rearrange

Reorganize bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets. Why? Because buyers love to snoop and if items fall out when they open your closet, imagine the message that you are sending them. Buyers need to think that you are organized. It says you probably take good care of the house.


3. Repair

Make minor repairs and make the house sparkle. Patch holes in walls, fix doors that don’t close properly, wash windows inside and out, vacuum daily to make sure that your house is ready to receive visits.


For more informations about how to prepare your house, contact Fernande and her team.