You wish to sell your property?

It is necessary for a member of our team to meet you at your home to establish the market value of your house, to determine any attractions that could draw buyers and to set up an efficient advertising plan. In order for us to perform an evaluation of the market and of your property, please fill out the form bellow or call a member of our team to schedule an appointment.

It is not always easy to sell a property, whether for emotional reasons or lack of time or interest. Selling a house involves a lot of sacrifice and knowledge. And ultimately, it involves financial risks that can prove to be a success, but also a failure!

So why not entrust the sale of your home to Team Sirois Simard? A member of our team will be happy to evaluate your home in order to establish a realistic selling price – based on comparables – to advise you on how to prepare your home before the visits of potential buyers – to negotiate the selling price – to make follow-ups after visits as well as manage all the legal aspects of selling your home.

Selling a property with us is the assurance of getting:

  • Excellent selling price in a reasonable time
  • Access to an extensive network of potential buyers
  • Detailed follow-ups after visits
  • Advice on preparing your home to optimize its sale
  • Full support of your client file
  • Access to excellent promotional and advertising tools

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