13 October 2016

Mc Gooey House

The house located at 10 Grimes road, was appointed in 1976 “Mc Gooey House”. It should rather have been called “Coleman House”.

In the years 1869 and 1870, the house is built for Mc Gooey James Coleman. He had acquired, the year before, the land adjacent to the house of his friend James McGooey. Coleman wanted to build his house in Aylmer, to be near his associates William McKay and Wright B.S. Lawlor and the courthouse where he practiced as a lawyer.

The cottage is in the neo-Gothic style, it was built in a special technique. This technique originated in the Black Forest in West Germany, it is to stack boards flat, in this case boards of nearly 18 cm wide. The house has no frame or walls. The doors and windows were carved on the walls.

James Coleman died suddenly in November 1869 at the age of 35. Subsequently, several owners have succeeded in the house. The most important being the governor of the Aylmer prison, Mark Haladane, between 1881 and 1884. He will make major changes to the home. Stucco, which serves as siding, will be covered with clapboards and the west side andthe door will be moved into the central forward part. In addition, the interior will be completely remodeled.

Threatened with demolition in 1982, the house was moved to its present site, a large wooded lot on 10 Grimes road. With different owners, the Mc Gooey House is restored and maintained with the greatest care over the years.